About us

We are Glencore Nordenham 
since August 2021


Nordenham Metall and Nordenhamer Zinkhütte – one location

105'000 t

of lead per year

164'000 t

of zinc and zinc alloys per year

230'000 t

sulphuric acid per year


employees in total

Nordenham Metall GmbH and Nordenhamer Zinkhütte GmbH are once again sharing a name after 20 years’ time. Under the umbrella of “Glencore Nordenham”, both companies are growing together at the site. 

With the shared parent company Glencore, we have a strong partner at our side that will support our corporate development by investing in innovation in the long term. Glencore has developed a concept for the future of the site that foresees the extensive integration of both companies into a high-performance production site for both zinc and lead. Together, we are more flexible and innovative.

On the way to becoming a modern metal producer

Lead has been produced at our Nordenham site since 1912. This makes us not only a traditional lead smelter, but also one of the oldest lead smelters in Europe still operating today, as well as one of the most important lead recyclers. More than 100,000 tonnes of primary and secondary lead are produced at Nordenham Metall every year. But our future does not lie in lead alone.

In the coming years, Nordenham Metall will complete its transformation into a modern polymetallic smelter. In addition to the recycling of reprocessing products from lead batteries, processing will also extend to lower-lead residues from zinc extraction and more complex compounds of materials. The aim is to extract not only the base metal, but also the accompanying metals, some of which are economically more important, such as copper, silver, gold, antimony and bismuth. We will be gradually expanding our company’s portfolio with a range of input materials and products. The goal: to turn Nordenham Metall into a modern metals producer in Europe whose operations are based on environmentally compatible and sustainable processes.


With our new reduction furnace, which went into operation in 2018, our lead smelter can increase its use of secondary materials to up to 80 %. This holistic approach results in a smaller environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption. This furnace makes us one of the most modern recycling companies in the lead industry.

Friendly, socially responsible and safe

We are currently in a period of change: evolving from a traditional lead smelter into a modern company in the circular economy. But that has not changed our fundamental values: we are a friendly and socially responsible company. We support our employees and help out with problems. We engage with society in a variety of ways and actively work to further reduce our impact on the environment. 

We want to provide our employees with secure employment and a good standard of living. Occupational safety is therefore hugely important to us: each and every one of our employees must come to work healthy and go home healthy again. Our employees’ wages come under the collective agreement of the metal and electrical industry, but we also offer numerous benefits that go above and beyond it. 

We are Nordenham Metall! 

Part of the Glencore Group

Nordenham Metall GmbH has been part of the Glencore Group since 2021. Founded in 1974 as a trading company in the canton of Zug, Glencore is now one of the world’s largest diversified resource companies and a major producer and distributor of more than 60 responsibly mined commodities that power everyday life. The Glencore Group’s operations include over 150 mining and metallurgical sites and oil production facilities.

Glencore is present in over 35 countries – in both established and resource-rich growth regions. The company’s industrial activities are supported by a global network of more than 30 marketing offices.