Our Values

Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities and the principles by which we conduct ourselves. They illustrate what it means to work for a Glencore Group company – regardless of location or position. 

Our values are the foundation of our sustainability management, our Code of Conduct and our corporate policies.

Under the Glencore umbrella, we are leaving the old world of lead smelting behind. Our goal is to steadily improve while living our responsibility towards employees, the environment and society at all times. Integrity, courage and an open communication culture play will be decisive.

Dr. Ulrich Kerney, Managing Director
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    We do not compromise on safety. We look out for each other and stop working if safety cannot be ensured.

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    We have the courage to do the right thing, even when it is difficult. Words are followed by deeds, and fairness and respect determine our actions.

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    We take responsibility for our actions. We maintain a constructive dialogue and want to understand what is expected of us. We strive to improve our economic, social and environmental performance.

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    We communicate honestly and directly and want to continuously improve. That is why we share information and promote dialogue.

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    We work efficiently and focus on the essentials. We avoid unnecessary complexity and seek pragmatic solutions.

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    We encourage new ideas and respond quickly to change. We are open to new opportunities to develop and work better.